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Wilson & Shep

Polly, the sheepdog, thinks, scratching her ear: "But where has he gone? He was still there just a few seconds ago! ".

Number of players
From 2 to 5 players
From 4 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Blue Orange


WILSON & SHEP is a semi-cooperative game in which, in each round, one player will play against all the others. This player will take on the role of Wilson, the mischievous little wolf, who hides in the flock of sheep.

All the other players will cooperate together as Shep, the sheepdog, to find where the little wolf is hiding. Depending on your role, earn Reward tokens for each of your successes to get as many as possible at the end of the game!

Game videos

How did I create the game?

A few years ago, Djeco ordered several "Ethnic" games from me and among the 4 or 5 projects proposed, one of them dealt with deforestation in the Amazon. An Indian was hiding behind the trees, but there were fewer and fewer trees. It was a topical issue, but a bit sad!

And then, one morning, watching a ladybug slowly walk over rose petals, I suddenly had the idea to make a version of the game where we should find a mischievous ladybug hiding behind flower petals.

So I made a prototype called LADYBUG (Ladybug), with 15 flower tiles, one of which had a ladybug on the back. It was a little memory bluff game for the little ones and it worked really quickly.

Haba was not mistaken in making a superb game, RAOUL LE RAT D’EGOÛTS, illustrated by Mathias Menzel.

The game having been discontinued a few years later, it has just been beautifully brought up to date by BLUE ORANGE with the STIVO brushes. The little sewer rat has become a mischievous little wolf hiding in the middle of a flock of sheep.