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Roberto Fraga 
Game Designer

who am I ?

I am an author. My job is to create UFOs (Unknown Fun Objects).
I have already published more than 130 of my games all around the known universe and beyond.

I was born on December 11, 1960 in La Coruña, at the northwest of Spain (still an immigrant!). Since the age of 14, I have become a "pure junkie" of creating Ludic things (So there you go, now you know that I have entered the "sixties" era !!).

For several years, I have tried to combine with more or less skill and success between my family life, my activity as a designer and above all, my job as Coast Guard Captain, and I finally decided to leave the Coast Guard Service December 9, 2010 to create my own company, FRAGAMES, and live entirely from my passion!

And since January 1, 2017, Florence (my wife) left her job as a cardiology nurse at Saint-Malo hospital to share this adventure with me at 3000%!

Take a look at the video below (in French!) to discover my ideas lab, the famous FRAGALAB!

Welcome to the FRAGALAB

The FRAGALAB is the game design laboratory where I spend 99.99% of my time creating, testing, cutting, drawing, having fun, re-testing, having fun again, etc ...

" We don't stop playing because we get older. We grow old because we stop playing. "

— George Bernard Shaw