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SUNDERBAN is the Indian version of DRAGON DELTA (published by Jeux Descartes in 2000), and published in India by Pegasus Toy Kraft.

Number of players
From 2 to 6 players
From 7 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Pegasus Toy Kraft


The SUNDERBAN is the Ganges Delta region and with its thousands of rivers and canals haunted by terrible crocodiles, is perfect for a local adaptation of DRAGON DELTA. The rules are therefore absolutely identical, only the theme changes.

In the Gange delta, each year, a great competition opposes the most valiant young people of the Kingdom. By building footbridges with planks placed on stones, they must reach the village located in front of their starting village. The first to succeed is awarded a Golden Crocodile from the King's hands. But, to get there, he must calculate his move and be wary of the maneuvers of his opponents as well as the intentions of the Gange crocodiles.

Each player leads a young man participating in the competition. His goal is to be the first to take the young man he leads all the way across the Gange Delta to the village opposite his starting point.

SUNDERBAN is a playful game full of tactics, programmation, surprises and bluff. The situations are constantly undergoing dramatic reversals due to the actions of the adversaries as well as the effects of the formidable Crocodiles which prevent from acting as one intended. The whole family can have fun with this fast-paced and surprising game, and even the most seasoned players will be charmed by its inexhaustible resources.

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How did I create the game?

In June 1992, while watching a TV report on the life of the peasants in the Vietnamese countryside, and seeing them walking on wooden planks placed between the rice fields, the idea came to me to create a game where we should build our route with wooden bridges, to reach his beloved in the village opposite.

The first version did not use a board, you put your stones where you wanted on the table and the visual estimation of the distances was much more important.

The game was published by Jeux Descartes in 2000, under the name DRAGON DELTA, then by the Polish publisher Egmont Polska in 2010, under the name WYPRAWA SMIALKOW, it was then reprinted by Matagot in 2012 to be called RIVER DRAGONS, then we signed it in India with the publisher of Mumbaï, Pegasus Toy Kraft and under the name of SUNDERBAN.

The game received the award for best family game at the Mumbai Toy Fair in September 2014.