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In SAFARIKIKI you are a young photographer visiting a large nature reserve

Number of players
From 3 to 8 players
From 5 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Pegasus Toy Kraft


Each player has the same deck of cards in their hand, with different animals.

We play an audio CD in shuffle mode (supplied with the game) and as soon as we hear the sound of an animal, we must discard the first one from the corresponding card (we take a picture of the animal!) . On a tam tam sound you have to hit the center and a thunderclap you have to take shelter by building a tent with two of your cards (A house of cards).

The first to get rid of all his cards wins the First Prize in Animal Photography!
Eventually, a small indian publisher, Pegasus Toy Kraft, was the first to publish the game. It is available in India only, in big cities such as Mumbaï, New Delhi, Chennaï, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Game pictures

Game videos

How did I create the game?

I've always liked games that use audio media. SQUAD SEVEN used a 17 minute soundtrack, the future PINGO PINGO (Iello) will also have one, as well as the incredible PANICOBLOC.
This idea was inspired by other authors to create ESCAPE and ZOMBIE 15.

The music gives a rhythm, an atmosphere and creates an atmosphere very conducive to living a more intense play experience.
SAFARIKIKI is therefore a very simple discard game, also to learn to recognize the cry of animals and other sounds of nature.

By playing SAFARIKIKI you are really immersed in a large nature reserve.