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Le Bwacalauréat

Want to graduate with those crazy and stupid rabbits ? !!!

Number of players
From 2 to 12 players
From 7 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga


Be the fastest to answer to those BWAAAA questions.

Form two teams of players. One draws a « theme » card, the other rolls the two « letter » dice.

How to win ? Well, you must be the first to find a name WITH the letter of the green dice. It must match the theme, BUT the letter of the red die is forbidden !

The first team to reach the finish line wins.

Game pictures

Game videos

How did I create the game?

In 2011, TF1 KIOSQUE asked me to work on a LAPINS CRETINS line of light games, with a new collectible game every 15 days for 2 years. Those games would eventually be assembled to form a giant mega game.

It was an incredible challenge, that I accepted (I think I was a bit crazy at that time). The project wasn’t launched, but in 2015, DUJARDIN (ex-TF1 GAMES) used the 3 initial games on the series to create a line of LAPINS CRETINS games in metal boxes.

It was the second life of « LE BWACALAUREAT », « CHOUCROUTE BERTA » and « YAKASUSHI.