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Crazy Eggz

Break an egg !

Number of players
2 to 4 players
From 7 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Christopher Matt
Happy Baobab


Roll two dice and be fast to win the egg on the egg-cup. Put it under your chin, your armpit, your knees… and keep on playing until you have gathered five eggs. Don’t make scrambled eggs !

In that fast paced game, players must be swift to be the fastest to do the action writen on the « action » die and win an egg. Get five eggs and you win.

1 – Roll the ACTION die and do what it tells you (shout, become a statue…) 2 – If you are the fastest, grab the egg on the egg-cup. 3 – Roll the white die and stuck the egg where the die tells you to (under the chin, between your knees…)

A crazy and funny game for children and families.

This is the brand new version of one of my classics.

Game videos

How did I create the game?

That game is the perfect example of the smoothest creation possible. The idea came like a flash. The early prototype immediately worked. The first publisher who saw it immediately fell in love with the game. The contract was sent in less than a week and the game has been a success since 2004 (more than 350 000 copies sold !)

The idea came one day during a magic show. The magician was taking eggs from his sleeve. He gave those real eggs to children in the assistance. Very often, the eggs fell on the floor. Here came the idea to use plastic eggs, to stuck more and more of them on your body, while playing.

That mafic show took place in Port Aventura in Espagne, in July 2002.

That early prototype was called COCORISKOKOTE… the initial publisher, Haba, came up with a much better title : Dance of the Eggs.

The game was then published by the Corean company HAPPY BAOBAB and the french publisher COCKTAILGAMES. The new version is even crazier, the illustrations are very neat and the game is back in its original format : a real egg box. ASMODEE is the distributor of the game in french speaking countries, under the name : LA SALSA DES OEUFS.