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Welcome to the Amazon jungle with DIGGER… but now you go digging!

Number of players
3 à 5 joueurs
From 8 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga


The hourglass runs out, the gold rush begins! Roll dice for gems, then start over. To win, don't listen to the advice of your opponents!

You are an intrepid gold digger in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, in search of precious stones. Be fast and precise, collect as much as possible and store them in your crate before sunset (duration symbolized by the hourglass).

When there is no more water because the river is dry (blue cubes), whoever has the most valuable gems will win.

DIGGER, the digging game!

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How did I create the game?

I have always liked frantic and stressful games. DIGGER is no exception to the rule and is a derivative of TIME IS MONEY, except that in DIGGER you have to stack your diamonds, you can steal them from opponents and above all, it is the players who determine when they want the end of the game, by taking the last Blue cube (Water from the river).

The prototype was called AGRICOLLEC, and the players were farmers who harvested vegetables. The end of the hourglass then materialized the arrival of the storm and therefore the end of the turn.

Asmodee launched into the edition of DIGGER, the only problem is that the box format was not suitable for such a type of game and all the material was really compressed, but above all that it arrived in the range of round boxes, in second position after… DOBBLE!