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Contrario USA

Vous êtes beau, intelligent, subtil… vous avez l’esprit vif et aimez la soupe aux potirons… vous adorez CONTRARIO… vous êtes Anglophone, ou comme moi plutôt Franglophone Polygloboïde…

Number of players
From 2 to 12 players
From 14 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga, Matthieu D’Epenoux and Odet L’Homer
Janique Crepeau
Foxmind Games


Vous serez donc furieusement, fougueusement, passionnément attiré par la version Américaine de CONTRARIO.

Si vous ne connaissez même pas la superbe version Française de CONTRARIO, un jeu maintes fois primé dans l’hexagone et adulé par un public de plus en plus large … allez donc voir sa fiche.

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How did I create the game?

In 1988, with my two friends game creators, Odet L’HOMER and Matthieu D’EPENOUX, we got into the habit of meeting regularly for "Brainstorming communication games" weekends. Matthieu always insisted that we have at least TWO ideas for games per weekend.

CONTRARIO was born thus. At the start we even had a game board with one start and two arrivals. It quickly disappeared, in favor of a game based entirely on cards. We then created several thousand devious phrases and titles. At the time our brains were CONTRARIO formatted and all conversations between friends and family were used. We must of course thank our accomplice, Odet, author of nearly 90% of the hijackings, he remains the soul of the game.

The game was a superb success in its metal case and with its CONTRARIO 2 version, and its sales are increasing with its new bagged edition.

L’éditeur Nord-Américain Foxmind, nous a alors demandé de réaliser une version US du jeu. Elle porte également le nom de CONTRARIO.