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Crystal Bay

Look for the wonderful gems in the beautiful universe of Crystal Bay, using the beam of the magic lighthouse!

Number of players
2 to 4 players
From 8 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Jérémy Couturier


CRYSTAL BAY is a new generation game that can ONLY be played on the SQUARE ONE console developed by WIZAMA and launching on Kickstarter in November 2020.
It is a game that uses the best of video games with a moving game board (the console screen), with an extraordinary musical atmosphere (the sound of the console), with cards and 3D figurines which are detectable by the console.
All of this makes it a very immersive unique game. The advantage of the console is also to make the game evolve throughout its life, through regular updates.

In CRYSTAL BAY you are a young gems fisherman who is sailing in the bay to look for the precious magic stones.
Their position is gradually revealed by the rotation of the central headlight beam.
You will also use your detectable cards to move around, use a grappling hook to steal crystals from opponents or add more to the seabed, throw an octopus on an enemy ship, to create many random events (eruption, tsunami, earthquake , change of the rhythm of the beam, etc…) and especially to place your Golem in the right place and block the passage of your opponents or to help you achieve one of the 4 magic combos!

The winner will be the one who has brought back the number of gems defined at the start of the game.
CRYSTAL BAY is a family game where you spend your time setting traps to your opponents.

If you fancy a new visual, sound and fun adventure, then dive into the Crystal bay!

Game videos

How did I create the game?

The idea of ​​the rotating lighthouse beam, which gradually reveals the bottom of the sea, came to me when I was still a dashing officer of the Coast Guard service at Saint-Malo.
One night, when we were anchored not so far from the Fréhel cape, I was watching the lighthouse beam for a long time sweeping the horizon.
And suddenly I got the idea to try to recreate this effect on a game board.

So I created SOS, a game where a mechanical or electrical lighthouse rotated a black disc hollow out over a sector of 30 °, thus revealing the bottom of the sea as it passed.
The gameplay was based on memory.

The game has several themes such as SIMBAD THE SAILOR, SOS (a sea rescue game), BLOCK 38 (an escape from prison), etc…
The publishers I introduced the game to were really blown away by the concept, but soon the problem of the cost of manufacture arose.
So in 20 years of presentations I have never managed to get it published.

In 2018, I had the chance to meet the WIZAMA team who was developing a board game console, the famous SQUARE ONE.
SquareOne is the first connected board game console to merge two worlds never combined before: classic board games and video games.
Cards, pawns, dice and other connected objects become the joysticks that you can use to evolve in your games.
The board surface is now animated thanks to the large touch screen, and the outline increases the playing surface for innovative gameplay.

Upon discovering her, I immediately understood all the new creative possibilities open to me.
It was now entirely possible to take SOS digitally and turn it into an incredible game full of twists and turns.
CRYSTAL BAY was born.

Many other FRAGA games are being prepared for the SQUARE ONE because I am convinced that it opens the doors to a new universe of games!