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Captain Sonar – Operation Dragon

The Upgrade 2 expansion will guide you further into the immersive experience of Captain Sonar. It is divided in two sections and can only be played in real time.

Number of players
From 2 to 8 players
From 14 years
30 to 60 minutes
Roberto Fraga and Yohan Lemonnier
Erwin and Sabrina Tobal


The main part of the expansion is the campaign. A hectic and thrilling adventure through uncharted seas. You should play each game in a specific order, with the same crew to enjoy the full experience, but it can be played in any order. The expansion offers a new system of experience to keep track of your crew’s evolution through defeats and victories, with the « experts » cards.

The other part of th expansion is the Custom Pack. A toolbox that you can use on any published map so far. You will be able to tweak the game to your liking. : « Armada » mode, new First Mate profiles, new Ingeneer profiles, new submarines… Operation Dragon has everything you need.

Game videos

How did I create the game?

After Upgrade One, my friend Yohan Lemonnier wanted to create a second expansion that would expand the universe and the possibilities of CAPTAIN SONAR for the more experienced crews.

We came up with the idea of a scenario that would expand map after map, for seven games. A thrilling adventure with new gameplays, that will eventually lead you to the heart of a giant volcano !