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Here is the band of Trumpelefants released!

Number of players
2 to 4 players
From 5 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Martina Leykamm


The players blow the large "Trumpets" (or crazy blowing Tongues!), With which they try to collect trunks. But the tree starts to turn ... BE CAREFUL! On some trunks, there are mischievous little mice of which the Trumpelefants are terrified!

Do you know many games where you have to use blowing tongues as an Elephant's Trump to grab cardboard trunks from a large spinning palm tree?

Look no further ... this game is TRUMPELEFANT (TRÖTOFANT in the German version).

To play to TRUMPELEFANT, you need to have several conditions :

You have to want to have fun. You shouldn't be afraid of sounding ridiculous, especially if you are an adult. You have to know how to breathe in a blowing tongue by doing the sound "POUET POUET!" You must have been part of the Elephant Patrol at least once.

How did I create the game?

The story of the creation of TRUMPELEFANT is incredible.

In June 2004, I have a drink party with some friends. We are seated on a table in my office, where all kinds of weird objects are lying around, such as blowing tongues, spinning tops, pieces of cardboard, etc ...

Suddenly, a mysterious force pushes me to do something improbable: I put a cardboard wand between two glasses, I take a blowing tongue and I blow in the direction of the cardboard wand ... in your opinion, what was the result?

The blowing tongue has wraped itself all around the cardboard wand and pulls it back to me, FFFFFLLLLLPPPPPPP !!!… like if I was a Chameleon!

At this moment it is the long-awaited playful creative explosion. I immediately imagine a rotating palm tree (with an électrical rotating engine), with 6 large palm branchs, on which are placed cardboard sticks with drawn flies.

The prototype will be called CRAZY TONGUES… (I then added… OF CHAMALEONS to avoid any confusion).

But most unbelievably, it was Haba who finally released it, following an epic presentation at their booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair ... I will remember it all my life!