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SHRIMP, let’s go for the international recipes in that crazy and challenging seafood game of speed and observation !

Number of players
From 2 to 6 players
From 7 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Philippe Briones


Carefully watch the cards set in three different dishes. The shripms come in different size, nationalities and colors ! As soon as you have found a common criteria between all the shrimps, you must shout it out loud and jump on the mayonnaise jar to win all three dishes !

The players with the most cards wins. The rules are simple and cristal clear and it’s very easy to play that engaging and crazy game.

Game videos

How did I create the game?

SHRIMP has had a very complicated story and I won’t cover it all. I love that game and I envoyed very much working on its development.

The real innovation in that game is the fact that you can only place a card on ONE of the three spots, not matter how many players you have around the table. It provides a perfect configuration to shout 1, 2, even 3 criterias at the same time.

The other central idea is that the games creates the conditions to shout stupid thing while grabing a jar of mayonnaise that does a stupid sound !

For my initial prototype I had bought a toy for dogs in the shape of a Rhinoceros that made noises. When I came back from Essen, where I had presented the game to many publishers, I went back to the very same store and bought 9 more Rhino, for the 9 prototypes I had to send. The lady in the shop probably though that I was in the dogs business.

The next week, I went back to the store a third time and they had increased the amount of rhinos : I had a direct impact on their selling policy !

Blue Orange has also published the US version, for the American market, which name is SHRIMP COCKTAIL.