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Spin Circus

Tonight, you will be the star of the show !

Number of players
From 2 to 5 players
From 4 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga et Yohan Goh
Blue Orange


Tonight, make your dream come true and be the first to reach the end of the runway to the stars.

Tu vas devenir la vraie Star du spectacle.
Tu as tout ce qu’il faut pour réaliser ton rêve : des acrobates, une grande roue,
de l’agilité, de l’action et des étoiles plein les yeux !

Fonce pour arriver le premier au bout de la piste aux  toiles et ton
succès sera garanti.

En utilisant le poids d’un acrobate, fait tourner la Grande roue afin de positionner la flèche
sur le chiffre qui t’aidera à avancer sur la piste et arriver le premier au bout pour gagner !

Game videos

How did I create the game?

It was my friend Yohan GOH who presented his idea of ​​WINDMILL to me, a game using a windmill where the wings were used to determine which pile of tokens we were going to draw from.

We then worked together to add candies first… Once we had eaten all of them, we realized that this was not the right theme. Finding the perfect theme often helps in game development.

So we had the idea of ​​making it a circus game where acrobats placed on a big wheel of raffle, allowed it to be tilted to indicate the number of spaces to be covered on the star track.

The star track (the course) was first made up of tiles placed next to the box, but very quickly it became obvious to us that for reasons of cost, simplicity and efficiency, this course had to be placed on the game box itself.

The meeting with BLUE ORANGE was once again decisive, since the final result is wonderful, thanks to the sublime brushes of my friend STIVO!