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Joomba !

Be careful!… This game will turn you totally JOOMBA!

Number of players
From 2 to 8 players
From 6 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Igor Polouchine


In JOOMBA, each animal has went crazy and decided to become the new king of the animals! (yes that's how we tell you, don't look ...) and for that you have to know how to imitate the cry of animals.

JOOMBA is a game of observation and speed where you have to be the fastest to spot an animal and imitate it. The animal to spot depends on the rule that was chosen and the nature of the Challenge. To imitate an animal, you have to make your cry and your gesture at the same time. The gesture is simply used to break the ties (it is not considered a mistake if done badly, but it must be done).

JOOMBA is very simple: 2 cards are revealed: 1 with several animals and 1 with a number. The fastest to imitate the animal represented as many times as the number wins a card!

When all the cards have been revealed, the player who has won the most wins the game. The game offers three progressive rules, which allows you to grasp it by increasing the difficulty over the games. Enough to sharpen your reflexes before facing the ultimate game ...

Game pictures

Game videos

How did I create the game?

In November 2008 I had the idea of ​​using the backs of the cards to display information needed to play a card game. As I was at the time in a very "Animal" period I turned towards a game based on animal cries, since it is the only thing I can do more or less correctly (Stupid games and animal calls).

The prototype, strongly imbued with this animal atmosphere, decided on its own to be called OUAF! ... well yes, why not! ??

However, I had to do a lot of testing to define the number, type and distribution of animals. Also some overly proud animals, not wanting to be included in such a basic game, would sneak out of the game preferably at night. So I often had carte blanche the next day!

What I appreciated the most was the very successful collaboration with the Origames team with whom we developed the game for Iello.