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Crazy Rings

Whoever wants to adorn themselves with precious stones must be quick and observant!

Number of players
2 to 4 players
From 5 years
Less than 30 minutes
Roberto Fraga
Monica San Cristobal


If you don't feel like wearing the ring on your finger, don't open the box of CRAZY RING. Because in this game a little "Crazy", you will not do without one, but several.

CRAZY RING is a little game of speed and observation, the theme of which is intended more for girls, from 5 years old. But if you are of the opposite sex and you spent your childhood playing Barbie Dolls, this game may interest you ...

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How did I create the game?

During a walk in a discount store, I come across little darling-type rings in 6 different colors. I’m making a big stock of it because I just had a little idea that should work on my fingers and eyes!

Indeed, at that time there were not yet games that used the fingers to insert rings quickly for a specific purpose.

In CRAZY RINGS I had the idea of ​​placing 16 combination cards of 2 rings on the table. Everyone secretly choosing one of their 5 rings and putting it on their finger, then everyone shows their hand. It is then necessary to catch the combination cards corresponding to 2 visible ring colors.

Simple, efficient and fun, and Djeco was right about it!